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About the Collège Cévenol

The Collège Cévenol International is a French middle and high school located in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a mountain village in the Cevennes Mountains. It lies west of Lyon about a 5-hour drive from Paris. The 30-acre campus, once a family farm, provides a woodland setting for classroom and administrative buildings, dormitories, dining room, laboratories, art, music and sports facilities, all within a 10-minute walk from "downtown" and the Lignon River.

The Collège Cévenol was founded in 1938, as war clouds loomed, by two dedicated Protestant pastors. During WWII, the villagers thwarted Nazi authorities and sheltered 3,500 Jews and other refugees. Their story is immortalizied in Phillip Hallie's book, Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed, and in Pierre Sauvage's film, Weapons of the Spirit.

For more than 60 years the Collège Cévenol has fostered international understanding and peace by bringing together students from many lands and cultures. The school's original purposes--peace and cross-cultural understanding--inspire the programs today.

About The American Friends of Collège Cévenol
The American Friends of College Cevenol is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation formed in 1952. Contributions are tax deductible. Its members include alumni of the high school as well as former partipants in Cevenol's annual summer work-study camp. All Board Members and Executive Board Members are volunteers.  The AFCC's mission is to raise money for student scholarships, annual summer youth camp programs, and general school upkeep.  The international work-studycamp, a hallmark of the AFCC, has been running every year since 1946.


The AFCC Board meetings are conducted twice a year: our fall meeting is generally held in New York City while our Spring meeting is held in Washington DC.  Board meetings are open to all members and interested guests.

Executive Board Members are as Follows:


Chris Young
Member Since: 1993,   President
Chris has been our president since May 2008, and has been a member of our organization as a work-camper, camp director, admissions director, and (most recently) treasurer since his first summer work camp in 1991. During the week Chris is the CFO of a broadcasting company based in Los Angeles. Originally from New York, he currently lives in Los Angeles with his family. 

Anne Burnham
Member Since: 1955,   VP/Secretary
Anne attended one of our first summer workcamps in 1949 and joined the AFCC Board in the mid-50's as Secretary. She has been an instrumental member of our organization ever since, helping in every area as director of admissions for the cours de langue, the annee scolaire and the workcamp. Presently She keeps the address list up to date and handles the fall appeal each year. She is a retired school teacher with four children and 10 grandchildren. She loves the College Cevenol!

Kirk Briggs
Member Since: 1986,   VP/American Representative
Kirk has been a member of our organization since 1986. He attended le College Cevenol in 1964-1965 and has been a firm supporter of the school's primary mission of fostering international peace and understanding ever since.  Kirk is a contractor on Martha's Vineyard and is frequently making trips to le Chambon on the AFCC's behalf.

Philip Barnard
Member Since: 2002,   Treasurer
Philip Barnard has been our Treasurer since 2008. He attended le College in 1965-66 and was a work-camper in 1969, helping lay the foundation for the current Gymnasium. His daughter Julia attended the College for a bridge year in 2007-08.  He is currently Conger-Gabel Teaching Professor in English at the University of Kansas.

Dr. Jonathan Schrott
Member Since: 2006,   Director of Admissions
Jonathan has been our Camp Admissions Director since 2006. He is married, has two teenage daughters, and practices dentistry in New York city. He enjoys cycling, cooking and traveling, especially to France and Italy.

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