American Friends of
Collège Cévenol
What is the AFCC?

Camp Alumni as well as interested friends of the College Cevenol formed a non-profit, tax deductible 501(c)(3) foundation in 1952 to raise money for needy students. The AFCC has sponsored and placed young people at both the school during the scholastic year and the summer camp.

How Do I Find Out More Information?

For more information on the work camp, contact the Director of Admissions, Dr. Jonathan Schrott. Dr. Schrott's daughter was a camper and Assistant Work Camp Director and he has biked extensively in the Chambon area.  He can be reached via email (see our contact page).

More information about our program can also be found on our FaceBook Page. Feel free to reach out to our alums connected through FaceBook to better understand the experience we have to offer you.

How Do I Apply?

Either call or email our Admissions Director for an application to this year's program or simply fill out an application online. Click here to apply online!

What is the Cost and the Dates?

Campers pay for their own airfare. The work camp fee is $2,000. This covers room and board, laundry, transportation, rentals, and a two day expedition trip to a nearby City.


The dates for the 2012 camp are July 11 - August 4th.  All campers coming from the United States must depart from the US on July 10th to arrive at the Geneva airport by noon on July 11, where you will be met by a program representative with the other arriving campers.  From the airport, you and the group will take a chartered bus in the early afternoon to the camp in Le Chambon sur Lignon, France.  The camp terminates ends on the morning of August 4rd in Geneva, at which time campers will be making their flights home.

What are the ages of the campers?


Campers generally range between 18 to 25. Please remember that all campers must by at least 18 years old by the camp start date (July 11, 2012) to particpate.

What is So Special About This School and This Part of France?

The school and nearby villages rescued over 5,000 refugees during World War II. Their story has been memorialized in the US Holocaust Memorial and in Jerusalem. Weapons of the Spirit, a movie by Pierre Sauvage, tells the heroic story. Phillip Hallie wrote about why these villagers resisted evil in Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed.

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We appreciate your interest in the College Cevenol and wish for you to enjoy the French culture experience, interacting with local villagers, and developing friendships with asylum-seeking families.

To begin your adventure simply apply online or download our form and fax in your application. Click Here to Get Started!