American Friends of
Collège Cévenol
Thank you for your interest. Please take a moment and contact us, we like to hear from you!

The American Friends of College Cevenol is a 100% volunteer organization managed by a team of individuals dedicated in furthering the cause of peace and international understanding through learning.

For More Information, please contact us below:

Dr. Jonathan Schrott
Phone: 914-666-0353
Email: moc.loa@ttorhcss

Camp Director:
Name: Kirk Briggs
Phone: 508-693-6281
Email: moc.oohay@sggirbkynohtna

Name: Anne Burnham
Phone: 508 252-3442
Email: moc.loa@mahnrubwa

General Matters:
Name: Chris Young
Phone: 203-216-0357
Email: gro.sdneirflonevec@gnuoY.sirhC

Name: Dr. Philip Barnard
Phone: 785-979-2746

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    If you are a camp alumnus/alumnae and would like to post your photos on our website, please contact us!
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We appreciate your interest in the College Cevenol and wish for you to enjoy the French culture experience, interacting with local villagers, and developing friendships with asylum-seeking families.

To begin your adventure simply apply online or download our form and fax in your application. Click Here to Get Started!