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Collège Cévenol

hugh knapp
Alumni Year(s) 1960
I was a work camper in the Summer of 1960 with an excellent experience. That was a Summer in which we campers also did some flood restoration work together in the French Alps village of Ceillac. My wife and I would love to know if there are events or meetings we could attend. We live in Chapel Hill, NC, but sometimes travel north. Sincerely, Hugh Knapp Send Me an Email!

Stephen Diamant
Alumni Year(s) 1948-49
I am pleased to join this site. I was a student at Cevenol en seconde in 1948-49 after attending the work camp that summer. I lived with the Trocmes in the village with several other students. Jispa worked with me on my French declensions every day after school. She ran the household for Magda. I am now often in touch with Nelly Trocme in Minnesota. I also knew the Schomers who were early supporters of the college. Send Me an Email!

Vickie Peattie
Alumni Year(s) Summer Camp 1975
Anyone out there from summer camp 1975?

Please send an email ~ would love to reconnect!

A summer that changed my life!

Warmly, Vickie Send Me an Email!

Alisa  Wilkins Cortez
Alumni Year(s) 1987
Part of me stayed in Le Chambon, and I took parts of it with me. Every spring, when the daffodils (jonquils) bloom, it's as if those parts reconnect and I'm back on the mountain again.

Sylvia Breed Gates
Alumni Year(s) 1947
The first workcamp was 1947 as visas were not available until spring of 1947, when Joe Howell, first Director, did all the organizing from a warehouse somewhere in the depths of Long Island City. He was ordained minister on the staff of the Congregational Christian Service Committee. I first met him sitting on a packing crate in the warehouse, on a long lunch hour from my job at Vogue in NYC.

I sailed on the Queen Elizabeth (just back in commission) with 3 class of 1949 smithies - Cally French, Mary Craig McLane and Alida Butler, all going first to Chambon, then to Junior Year Abroad at the Sorbonne - first year reestablished after the war.

Ray Green was a counselor in 1947, a first lt. to Joe Howell.

Lauren Bradley
Alumni Year(s) Camp 2009
Summer of 2009 - I had an incredible time and met some amazing people! It was the best trip I've ever been on. If given the chance I would definitely go again. Send Me an Email!

Jonathan Zimnoch
Alumni Year(s) 2009
Summer of 2009 was a great year. I met the coolest people and had the time of my life. The camp was an amazing experience. Never have I learned so much about myself and the world around me. It felt good knowing that I was doing something for the College. I would love to go again! Send Me an Email!

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